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GDToolkit (Geedot Toolkit) is a GUI Toolkit designed specifically with the needs of Geedot in mind. It is written in C and uses a tree-like method of organizing widgets. That is to say the root window represents a root widget and all widgets are children of that widget. Widgets are easy to create and modify to your needs and the toolkit is designed to make the GUI programming experience as simple as possible without taking away functionality. Thus, GDToolkit is a GUI hacker's paradise - all the fun without most of the pain. GDToolkit is, furthermore, written to be platform independent, so as to ease the porting process. Although the Geedot project has no plans to port the toolkit or the browser, anyone with the gumption to do so should be able to with relative ease. Also, porters, look for an upcoming "Quick Porting Guide" that details what needs to be changed in order to port the toolkit to a new windowing system.

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